February 11, 2017

2017 new year sketch


date: 01 jan 2017

subject: tokushima city as viewed frm mt bizan

had to rush off to m’s relatives’ and completed this while referring to a photo. i don’t like painting from pictures

February 8, 2017

japanese buildings


date: 3 dec 2016

subject: temples in mt koyasan

i am pretty pleased with the colours161203-2

date: 3 dec 2016

subject: interior of a temple lodging in the dying light161209

date: 9 dec 2016

subject: temple in kyoto

February 5, 2017

autumn sketches: meijo park

date: 21 nov 2016

subject: nagoya castle in the background


too colourful, and i couldn’t get the tones right, but i like the bird161121-2

i prefer the composition, and colour and tones for this more

February 2, 2017



date:30 sep 2016

subject: colleagues in the same section

a farewell painting for colleague a161016

date: 16 oct 2016

subject: colleagues working for the same conference

January 29, 2017

summer sketches: kapic

paintings done in the surroundings of a countryside center in the period 24-26 aug 2016


pre-dinner painting160824-2

post-dinner, after the sun has set160825

post-breakfast sunny painting, my favourite of the series160826

post-breakfast sunny painting

January 25, 2017


painting sessions with an ex-colleague m


date: 9 aug 2016

pretty satisfied with this, except for the wrong proportions of j’s arm160816

date: 16 aug 2016

awful painting, sorry!

January 21, 2017

old sketches: summer hike


subject: hazy view near the top of mt kaimon

date: 12 sep 2015

the view from the mountain wasn’t spectacular


subject: hirakiki shrine

date: 12 sep 2015

January 17, 2017

old sketches: 2014-2015 year end


subject: mont st michel abbey

date: 27 dec 2014


subject: mont st michel abbey

date: 27 dec 2014


subject: view of mont st michel

date: 27 dec 2014


subject: hierapolis

date: 02 jan 2015

July 30, 2016


subject: mr oku’s potatoes

date: 30 jun 2016

the challenge of making potatoes exciting. painted potatoes in return for real potatoes

July 28, 2016

summer sketches: fukuoka, taiwan

subject: dazaifu tenmangu shrine, fukuoka

date: 8 jul 2016

it’s very difficult to pin down moving people

subject: fukuoka airport

date: 8 jul 2016

my usual weird composition but a decent painting, considering the subject

subject: view from teahouse, jiufen

date: 9 jul 2016

subject: travel companion, waiting for the rain to stop

date: 9 jul 2016

subject: inside longshan temple

date: 10 jul 2016

what ornamentation! what bright colours!

subject: longshan temple, detail

date: 10 jul 2016

subject: rainy mountains

date: 11 jul 2016

subject: whiling time by the road

date: 11 jul 2016

subject: eternal spring shrine, taroko national park

date: 11 jul 2016

subject: taroko national park

date: 12 jul 2016

subject: swallow grotto, taroko national park

date: 12 jul 2016