October 6, 2017

flowers and pretty ladies

flowers of ordesa y monte perdido national park


loose copy of a pretty lady. tapestry museum, zaragoza


October 1, 2017

painting hikes #2


date: 27 jun 2017

on the gentle descent from the faja de pelay, with an amazing view of the valley floor, the cola de caballo waterfall and other little waterfalls down the cliffs on the opposite side, meandering river and the path that we have to take, clumps of yellow, and pretty distant peaks


date: 28 jun 2017

pre-dinner painting of refugio de goriz (2160m) and the surrounding mountains that we didn’t climb, with tents on the nearby slope and clothes hanging outside the building, sans a hiker who moved away too fast


post-dinner painting of another view from the same bench outside refugio de goriz, on the wrong side of watercolour paper

September 23, 2017

pretty spanish village – torla

torla is a tiny (rather touristy, in good way too because it means we had a choice of restaurants/cafes/supermarkets and we could buy our fleece sweaters for the sudden cold weather) village with stone buildings, stone roads, and an amazing view of the canyons of ordesa y monte perdido national park


date: 25 jun 2017

painting in the evening light is tricky, but i’m quite satisfied with this


date: 27 jun 2017

pre-dinner painting, and since the fellow hiker-painter was doing the bedroom view of the canyon, i decided to do the living room with its view of the church. a painting with clear outlines for once, and a decent composition (i think)


date: 30 jun 2017

last quick painting of the view towards the national park from torla on the wrong side of watercolour paper

September 18, 2017

painting hikes

date: 26 jun 2017

a rainy day so we walked the not-short trail from the town of torla to the pradera carpark in the ordesa y monte perdido national park


the drizzle became a rain so we sought shelter under an overhanging rock. killed the painting with too much details i think170626-2

painting done with frozen fingers and the paint didn’t want to dry

September 16, 2017

spanish buildings old and new


date: 23 jun 2017

midday view of a random street in palafrugell, with plump cherries


date: 24 jun 2017

evening view across the square of basilica de nuestra senora de pilar, zaragoza, with lemonade


date: 25 jun 2017

aljaferia palace, zaragoza. it started raining when i was 2/3 into the painting and i still haven’t started on the palace then

170701date: 1 jul 2017

recinte modernista de sant pau, barcelona. quick pen and pencil drawing, to while the short time before paella-making170702

date: 2 jul 2017

view of park guell shop, barcelona, sans the crowds. rare painting with pen outline, because i couldn’t afford to screw up such a beautiful view

August 15, 2017

seas of spain

we walked parts of the costa brava gr 92 trail from begur (sa tuna) to cap roig, stopping ever so often to picnic/cool down in the still-cold sea/paint/nap170620

date: 20 jun 2017

a 30 minute sketch of the popular beach, sans beachgoers170621

date: 21 jun 2017

a 1 hour painting of some random beach, pity the messed up bit

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August 11, 2017

quaint spanish village – peratallada

date: 19 jun 2017

peratallada is a picturesque, little medieval village full of stone buildings built on stone foundations, and stone-paved roads set in a maze-like layout


first painting of the 2-week long hiking (walking)+painting+gaudi trip in spain, with my usual include-everything bad composition170619-2

second painting of the day and trip before setting off on the 2 hour stroll to pals

my usual stick-something-jarring-in-the-middle composition doesn’t seem too bad (to me), it’s probably one of my favourite of the 18

August 8, 2017



date: 02 may 2015

subject: skyscrapers and moat surrounding the imperial palace

August 5, 2017

the forbidden city


date: 07 may 2017

subject: forbidden city, beijing

forbiddingly hot and the marble details are too intricate to capture

February 11, 2017

2017 new year sketch


date: 01 jan 2017

subject: tokushima city as viewed frm mt bizan

had to rush off to m’s relatives’ and completed this while referring to a photo. i don’t like painting from pictures